World Peace Please

world peace3

Yes, it’s something we all have been striving for ever since civilization began most likely… I’m not buddies with the cavemen but anyways. We all want universal happiness, unity and I sure believe we are all trying. But of course we’re lacking in some areas, it’s a constant battle to survive let alone change the world. It’s like a push and pull. We push good energy and helpfulness for change and then pull back with our egos, spitefulness or ignorance to change.

We hate how our society works but we are society.

We cause a lot of our own issues and even sometimes make up problems. A possible solution is to start thinking about other people and not only ourselves. But now it gets slightly complicated because you of course want to focus, love and care for yourself because at the end of the day you are all what you have. For the past two years I’ve been trying to learn everything I can about myself and truly love who I am it’s mostly all what I have been focusing on. I’ve came along way and i’m proud of myself, but now I need to focus on finding the balance of putting yourself first in situations that you know you should and then caring for the world around you. Always keeping in mind how important it is to make the place you live in better. How can you know what is what? Or when to not? You know. Deep in ourselves we all know the answers.


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